Over 20 Million Acres of Opportunity


Headquartered in Houston, TX, Black Stone Minerals currently employs more than 100 professionals and we recognize that our future success is dependent upon every employee. Our team’s diverse skill sets, high energy, and forward-thinking attitude all contribute to the company’s commitment to consistently delivering exceptional results.


Black Stone Minerals maintains a culture which blends the energy and speed of a small family-owned business with the resources of a larger company. We value a small, tight-knit community that provides opportunities for individuals to have broad responsibilities and to be recognized for their contributions. We support and invest in our employees so they may grow and develop their careers.


Throughout our history, fairness, and honesty have been and will continue to be key tenets of our approach as we work with operators, mineral owners, and investors. Our focus on creating long-term value guides us as we develop our mineral assets, evaluate new assets, and navigate industry cycles.


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